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Your favorite roasts delivered.


DailyGrind brings the highest quality beans from coffee shops into your home, for you to brew and prepare in your favorite way. With this app, users no longer have to leave their house to pick-up freshly roasted beans, and can order coffee beans from shops around the country. DailyGrind solves the problem of collecting all your favorite coffee-shops in one app, and bringing those beans to you (versus you needing to visit a coffee shop, and using multiple websites for multiple vendors).

My Involvement

  • UX Strategy
  • UI Design

Tools Used

  • Adobe XD
  • Lucid Charts


In the Covid-19 era of our favorite local coffee shops being closed, coffee drinkers need a convenient way to both order beans for home brewing, and also support their favorite coffeeshops.


How might we improve the shopping and ordering process that benefits both coffee shops and their customers?

User Personas

DailyGrind centers around two main user types: Enthusiasts and Trendy Professionals. The personas developed for this assignment are based on real people, with real preferences. This product idea is built for the coffee crowd, both casual and connoisseurs.


Coffee Enthusiast

The "Coffee Enthusiast" is an amateur coffee expert who wants full control over their brew. This user has multiple brewing methods at home, and is the type of person who can tell you the difference between an Ethiopian or Columbian roast. They enjoy trying new types of coffee, and want to boast to all their friends about the different types of roasts and elite shops they've tried. DailyGrind allows this user to expand their coffee horizons, and give them the street credibility and affirmation they seek.


Trendy Professional

Amari is dedicated to his job. He believes the more streamlined his personal life can be, the better and more focused he can be at his company. He believes in simplicity, minimal living, and letting technology make our lives easier. Amari is an avid online shopper, and utilizes delivery services for everything from clothes to cuisine. An app like DailyGrind allows Amari to maintain shopping convenience, support small business, and streamline part of his routine.

Initial Approach

Early phases of this project included lo-fi wireframes to quickly garner ideas before designing any hi-fi wireframes. This method was used to layout ideas, and help develop high-level concepts for app functionality and design.

Hi-Fi Mockups

To further flesh out the concept, hi-fi wireframes were created to bring the app to life. These wireframes show only the splash screen, and Beans page through checkout.