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Mercury Mosaics

Tile Sample Pack Redesign


Mercury Mosaics is one of the best and most recognized tile producers in the country. Each tile is hand painted to create truly unique custom tile pieces. This premium approach is difficult to convey online, so it’s vital for customers to see the tiles in person. Enter: the Tile Sample Pack. For this project, I was tasked to completely overhaul the current sample pack into a more cohesive and immersive brand experience for the customer.

My Involvement

  • Creative Director + Designer

Tools Used

  • Adobe Illustrator


  • Six Months (2020)


Old sampler kit was lacking personality and didn’t convey a sense of premium and personal touch. High-end buyers needed the experience to feel elevated.


How might we improve the sampler kit to feel elevated and deliver a sense of human touch and customer care?


Using Design Thinking I redesigned the sampler kit to have more language and brand personality, create a design that felt high-end, and translate the feeling of customer support.

Initial Approach

Early phases of this project included lo-fi wireframes to quickly garner ideas before designing any hi-fi wireframes. This method was used to layout ideas, and help develop high-level concepts for app functionality and design.


To increase brand touchpoints and introduce more personality, I created stickers, custom tape, spec cards for each type of tile, and inspiration cards for each type of tile that shows beautiful images of the tile in action.

Final Product

With a few iterations, we solidified a final product to be printed and assembled for prospective buyers.