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Venture Miles

Make a difference with every mile.


Venture Miles gives everyday athletes a way to turn their physical activities into social justice impacts. Athletes create fundraisers for global causes, track their mileage, and create tangible impacts in developing nations.

My Involvement

  • Lead Product Designer

Tools Used

  • Adobe XD
  • Illustrator
  • Lucid Charts


  • Six months (2020)


  • Engineers (2)
  • Project Manager
  • Stakeholders


How might we improve the app to create less confusion and frustration for the user so that sign-ups increase and more funds are raised?

User Personas

To better understand our users we conducted qualitative research with current and past users of the app. We were able to boil down the users into two main groups: Joiners and Starters. The Joiners segment are users who join existing groups and movements in order to make a difference, Starters are highly-influential trail blazers who create movements and push themselves and others in order to make a difference.

Both groups are motivated by making and seeing tangible impact throughout the world. They are driven by a moral compass to do the right thing, and live for others more than themselves.


Joiner | Cyclist

Mariah wants to make a difference in the world. She is warm, caring, and friendly, which makes her day job as a barista that much easier. Outside of work, Mariah is connected to a strong community of young adults. Their conversations are filled with laughter, but also fueled by discussion of what they can to do make a difference for the less fortunate. Not an avid cycler, Mariah uses the app to join a fundraiser with her friends in order to challenge themselves and create awareness for social justice.


Starter | Runner

Brent is a bonafide self-starter. He is bold, genuine, and motivated. Brent uses his spare time to create fundraisers and movements for others to join. He knows that if he can create the movement, others will naturally join. He is a unifier of purpose and passion, and others are drawn to him for this reason. Brent uses the app as a way to invite others to join his movement and create a global impact.


I led the efforts to create user flows. I mapped current state and also worked with the team to develop happy paths for the next iteration.

I created sketches of wireframes to quickly garner ideas before designing any screens. This method was used to literally start from scratch, convey ideas to the team, and help develop high-level concepts for app functionality and design.


We learned that the current home screen was too abstract which led to confusion for users; there was no clear directive, and navigation was absent. We took the user flows and end goals, and reworked the home screen to place the most pertinent info for a fundraiser front-and-center. Now, when a user opens the app, they will see the info they care about: their fundraising and mileage progress. New users will be prompted to join a challenge right from the home screen.

From left to right: original screen, multiple iterations, final home screen design.

Design Components

I was in charge of creating all design aesthetics throughout the app. Guided by some loose brand parameters, I extended the brand look/feel to seamlessly function within the app by creating gradients, choosing related fonts, and art directing imagery that fit the brand ethos.

Clickable Prototype

Once I completed the initial designs, I created a clickable prototype in order to get feedback from users on the new design. Based on their feedback, we continued to make iterations to improve the usability of the new UI.

Image from Gyazo

Before & Afters

Throughout the app, the UI was considerably improved to make screens easier to use and understand for both new and current users. Below is a collection of before & after screens from different parts of the app.

Home Screen

I revamped the home screen to include information useful to someone participating in a fundraiser. By showing key metrics, the user always knows how close they are to their goal. I also added a navigation toolbar to help organize pages and help users get to information quicker.


I made the Challenges page more useful by adding search and filters, and also aligned it with online marketplaces (think: Podcasts app). The conventions here will help users navigate the challenges with more comfort.


I updated the fundraiser page to better display the user’s current campaign metrics. They can see how close they are to their goal, as well as the impact they are making and other data from their fundraiser.



Percent Increase In Registered Users (YoY)


Increase in Funds Raised Through App (YoY)